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This is a re-publishing of a text I published here on Poeter.se, the 10th of June, 2013, due to the Fifth Assessment Report from IPCC (The Interovernmental Panel on Climate Change), made public the same year.

At the Waterfront (short story)

The sun rises through the sweat of the Earth,
cascading in traffic lights spinning with yes
and no. The driver measures the freewheeling
beat of the damp air as people and pavements
pass by.

The view of the beach steals his breath and
gently sets him on the sand. Drops start to hit his
face, and that´s when he sees it, the debris where
he uses to sit for lunch. Holding on to the mobile
he starts to remove the wrapping from the sandwich;
at the Waterfront.

He will give her a call, oh yes, he will. This is where
he sat, right here, when the signal came; a mail from
his daughter. He opened it, balancing the sandwich
on his knees, and started to read. The waves and the
sun had disturbed him, then, things had stared to fall
into place.

Toghether with two schoolmates she had given a
speech in her environment class. It was about
a report; something about the air. He searched for
the title, and suddenly it came to him:
"Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change;
what does it have to say to us?" Yes, that´s it, that´s
the name; upon the debris the pieces of her post had
finally made sense.

It was all about global warming, deforesting, flooding
and melting glaciers; and he had been impressed.
When he ascended the slope up to his car, he was
deeply moved, and proud.

Now it was gone, and a flash of anger and sadness
went through him as he dried drops of water from
his face. A few days later, he had, unintentionally,
deleted the speech. It was like warmth, love, yes,
life itself, had evaporated into the air, becoming one
with it; leaving him alone, a display emptied of
meaning. He decided to call her at once, took a deep
breath and dialed the number.

Moving his feet around, trying to find a steady seat
on the debris, he waited for her voice;
at the Waterfront.

(I have also re-published this text, the 9th of october, 2018;
in both re-publications, the theme and the story
is the same, though I have made some textual

This text reflects on the severe and detoriating
situation for the Earth´s climate, and refers to
the information given by the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), on that subject.
On the 8th of October this year (2018), it delivered
its Special Report on Global Warming of 1,5 degrees C.

The IPCC is currently in its sixth Assessment cycle
and will be delivering one or two more policy-
relevant reports from 2018 to 2022.
"two other special reports on lands and on oceans
will also be delivered in 2019."
Cite from IPCC
For more information, se IPCC, etc.

Prosa (Kortnovell) av Olof Lagerhorn VIP
Läst 86 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2023-08-10 15:46

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  Marita Ohlquist VIP
En utomordentligt bra text att läsa och begrunda.
Vi bär framtiden i våra händer till kommande generationer, bör hållas varsamt.

  the apache kid VIP
Well written!
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Olof Lagerhorn
Olof Lagerhorn VIP