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reaffirming my beliefs
when I look at you
an anchorage of paused time
fizzles in this blue

weave me in your life jacket
effervescent you
I am lost but I am at peace
I think, I think, I think
meet me on a rainy night
let's see if we dissolve
into the anchorage
out on the lawn

there's a search party
out in the spotlit sea
dancing on the lawn
I think, I think, I think
I fell out of love
one that never was
and yet the anchorage
pulls me with its charm

oil and water
blacks and blues
mix but don't
when the night is new
but is it new
is the night still new

Bunden vers av smörkäft
Läst 32 gånger
Publicerad 2023-10-08 15:13

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