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19 oktober 2023

The mystical core

The shattering of our cultural lineage, knowledge, history, sagas and roots is one of the most regretful things, from a worldly perspective. But, the good news is that our ancestors and their spirits live inside of us. We do not depend on the past. We may freely rediscover that which enriched the past, just as they once discovered, in the forgotten pools of the present. We may touch the very same mystical core as they once did and be equally inspired.

The well that quenched their thirst and sparked invention and a life of honour is readily available to us. It is that which awaits us patiently in the ether, the gaping void that our forefathers visited beyond time, and came back to tell of visions, ideas and insights. It speaks to us, when we are not caught in the web weaved by the enemy, in ways that we are not able to contain in words. Yet, we are still enriched with an experience that eminates into creation, awe and knowing.

This is us facing the grand original version of ourselves. The one we share that planted the world tree for us to climb and fall. Its roots reach the well and it is connected to that gaping void, the mystical core. Everyone that touches the core shares the same being in knowing. They are in the same home, even if their earthly bodies are apart.

The well is the blood in which our spirit rests. The knowledge that gave rise to the knowing within, which waits for us to rekindle and carry the torch onward in our march towards greatness. It is our forever friend that we are treating as a forgotten guest. We have wandered from our home, not knowing we’re longing, lost in the dark forest. The path is there within. Our cabin door stands open. We are waiting for our own arrival. We are the wanderer, the guest and the watchful void.

The greatness that our ancestors carried within their chests beats in our hearts. We need just be silent enough to hear the pounding voice of truth speak and follow the path of righteousness. All else is ice and fire. The ingredients for the fleeting realm below.

We are the stilness, children of the gaping void of wisdom, freedom, truth, honour, curiosity, righteousness, goodness, fairness, honesty, strength, perserverance, discipline and non-hatred. These characteristics are our roots, our true nature. Together we embody the tree that we ourselves climb to reach the grand crown self.

These are the roots we have forgotten. These are the roots our ancestors nurtured. When they withered we were separated and found ourselves lost and scattered looking for the light to show us back to the might of our true being. Seeking souls shall find their way back to that which has no beginning.

That which has no beginning is the true nature that masquerades itself as us, for us to be. We need merely remember. When we do, wisdom fills our soul and we unite with it, and the tapestry of our mind becomes one single thread, reaching into this very moment.

When we unknot our perceived personhood we realise that we are the string that creates all there is, and it unravels into that unnameable gaping void. God within. From our small self we cannot control the weaving of the string, but when we step out of ourselves and into our larger frame all is possible. Just as our forefathers had realised. This is the extatic dance the high one has with the highest, whirling as one.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 72 gånger
Publicerad 2023-10-20 00:14

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KPJ Sundquist VIP