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Wine from Tears

In the dim candlelight, a glass of wine
From tears it flows, a taste divine
Each sip, a drop of sorrow's bane
A haunting melody, a bloody refrain

In the darkest of nights, where shadows creep
A tale of sorrow, from wine we weep
Each drop a tear, black as the abyss
An elixir of pain, a bittersweet kiss

The wine of tears, a haunting delight
Unveilling secrets in the dead of the night
Sip from the chalice, taste the despair
As darkness engulfs, and souls are laid free

But beware, dear friend, this wine's allure
For it consumes the heart, and leaves it unsure
In the depths of sorrow, it may drown
Yet someone find solace when tears are found

Bunden vers av MissBraw
Läst 69 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2023-12-05 09:50

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  Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson VIP
ja, riktigt kvalitetsrim :) <3

  Page Goldenboy VIP

  Stefan Tho VIP
Fantastist bra!
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