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transcendental meditation


Some of you may have tipped me as Christian

Well I was baptized


You know all those bible-pushers or whatever religion

They want you be part of

A lot, if not everything, is because they want you to feel good

That is partly why I am publishing this

To show my point of bliss


It was three winters ago

I was in Eksjö

I was out in nature near some asphalt

I wandered around a bit

And for about twenty minutes was able to hold a mantra

-I was convinced great things would happen if I held the mantra

The tricky thing was something between trying, and not trying

It was ‘’Ride the snake, To the lake’’

Song lyrics by ‘’the Doors’’ ‘’The End’’

It seems every piece I publish I allude to the Beatles

Well the Beatles experimented with LSD, then went to India

To practice transcendental meditation to reach the heights of LSD

Personally, have never taken LSD

So after about twenty minutes I was having open and close eye visuals

Different colors of geometric shapes sums it up

I also, there was No euphoria, but felt, just like the movies, this great, benevolent, beautiful, design, that we can not grasp … and I just wanted to be swept away in it

There is me preaching about a greater goodness

Prosa av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 59 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-16 13:05

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