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detoxifying the corona vaccine with clay (and more)

What Nutrients are the Self-Replicating Nanobots taking from their Hosts to power themselves? That the BIG QUESTION!
How do we deny it Fuel? We need a Counter Measure's! We need a Scientist who is researching this.
I'm looking for Links, Reports or any Information on this Subject? Thanks
Snake Oil Salesmen need not respond!


or they could be siphoning off the human biofield. AKA human aura/energy field


they take electricity and heat that you get in your body to feed it. its not organic, its like hardware.

How do we deny it Fuel? We need a Counter Measure.


ive heard a bunch of things, eventually i saved some stuff on my comp. first you need an anti-parasite agent, then antioxidants. they recommend b12 and zinc and either hydroxochloroquine or ivermektin (its sold under "avermektin" online).


Thanks, but not what I'm looking for.


in that case, you can make a faraday cage around your bed with aluminum pipes from the hardware store. also, ditch the smartphone and go for a 24-hour laptop.


Never got a Smart phone, never will. Didn't got the Jabb, smelled a Rat quickly because of the Censoring of discussion on the subject. I'm looking for a way to neutralize it. For the Billions who got Sucked in.


I am not sure yet. I have found only one or two other sources who are thinking that it is our auric body that is being syphoned.
A women named Sabrina with a channel called Psinergy in Odysee is saying that we need to practice building our energy body by way of using piloerection. Let me see if I can get a link to one of her videos about practicing. If I can I will post it at the end.
When I first came across her channel I instantly was turned off, she was yelling in the video and acting a bit a fool. This part still gets me from time to time - however she is the only one I feel is on the right track here.
Personally, I sense my own energetic body, you have to be sensitive to it - mine has been destroyed for the most part over the last ten years. I do not even dream anymore.
use your own mind, it is a power source friend. use visualization and see your energy body, feel it and build it up on the mental plane, using thought and vision.
May sound silly, but it beats taking all those on the other guys list!
here's a link for Sabrina's page who works with the biofield but you must have tolerance and patience with her https://odysee.com/@psinergy:f?view=content
Two others: https://odysee.com/@LookoutfaCharlie:b?view=content AND https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Vk5um7C9sXjJ/
I hope something in here helps you.... You have to know about and understand energy and photons etc. to comprehend some of these things... i do not comprehend it all by far.
I do realize all these alterative doctors were set up as infiltrators and liars in the alternative media misleading us all while our bio field and it is a body part is hidden and stolen. Feel it, know it, find it within and around yourself and build it up and learn what it is and what it does and what is for.... since you were born. I hope some of this helps.
Here is a link about piloerection https://odysee.com/@psinergy:f/piloerectionbiofield:6 [show less]

Personally, due to knowing that some of the materials in the Geo engineering spray are metals, any metal removal from the body and tissues seems logical. I have some liquid clay to give this a try. I have not used clay for metals removal yet. once I used bentonite clay while cleansing yeast over growth, a fungus. Metals in the spray have been identified as aluminum, strontium, barium. these are only a few materials in the spray of course. Anything we know that cleanses, purifies and strengthens the body is what one ought to do. The main caveat with knowledge these days is, look within - Gods lead is BY FAR in advance of any human creature. be careful and use best discernment these days. what masquerades as knowledge can cause suffering. todays world is intentionally overloaded with pied pipers and information overload and distraction of all sorts. The greatest distraction is that the POWER exists outside of each individual. That the health of the body lies in the hands of another man or women and not your own. The power of thought, the power of spiritual reality and perception, the power of the heart, the power of the utterance of each word. The loss of the knowing the the Self and the maker of the self. This is the powerless point they have arrived us at as a collective. what a travesty. [show less]


piloerection sounds like ASMR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrQtzjhmQhw ASMRSweetie - Whispering "I LOVE YOU" In Different Languages - sorry about the youtube link if you dont like that... asmr should be available anywhere. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response Also, healing frequencies, this is my favourite: https://soundcloud.com/meditative-mind/heart-chakra-healing-hang-drum-music-attract-love-balance-emotions i tried this once while sleeping, and i woke up in love!

by the way, i do dream a lot, a lot more lately. i did use up my auric field before, didnt dream more than like twice a year. i did dream though, i just wasnt concious of it. but the way i drained it, was by making too much art, music poetry. i ate a lot of chocolate, which was my drug of choice, it inspired me. one person said my aura was white, pink, and purple. white for truth, pink for creativity, purple for spirituality.

"bentonite clay" - ive heard it mentioned before, and must indeed be the most natural ailment. i did order ordinary hempseed oil, NAC-N-Acetylcystein, and kolloidial silver. i was going to order ivermectin (or avermectin as it was called online), but now theyve stopped selling it. one problem with these cleansing agent (like EDTA) is that they remove too much, so you could even die from it. also, if they arent oils (aka can cause diarrhea) they are very sour or bitter (like artesinin) which arent good for me. so clay seems to be the way... you can also heal your body, by just going to a beach, and putting clay from the water all over your body and let it stay that way for awhile. i tried it once, and my skin got so soft it was as if i could "feel" my wings...

"The power of thought, the power of spiritual reality and perception, the power of the heart, the power of the utterance of each word. "

Yes indeed, and the power of truth. I have the tenants of Taoism tattood on my back. It is the most beautiful writing I have ever heard, the bible is just gorey amateurism. Taoism, just thinking about the words, give me chills and I break out in tears, happytears:

"there is a thing
inherent and natural
which existed before
the heavens and the earth
motionless and fathomless
it stands alone
and never changes
it pervades everywhere
and never becomes exhausted
it may be regarded as
the mother of the universe
i do not know its name
if i am forced
to give it a name
i shall call it tao
and deem it supreme"

- lao tzu

"Precision ai healthcare allows them to use crispr cas 9 OR a bio cyber interface
with nanotechnology to target specific organs, cells or tissues to heal cancer and
other ailments."

That is true, I did take the vaccine, twice actually. The first was just saline solution, nothing happened. This is how they "lure" people into it, some may only get saline solution. The second time, it was a bigger needle, and i was asked to rest 15 minutes afterwards. After only 1 minute, i started getting lots of pain in my back, and stood up, and it faded. I had tried a suicide attempt by jumping some years prior, so it was the nanochip together with the snake poisons that tried to kill me.

The thing is though, 6 months after taking the second, i felt amazing. I didn't need any neurolepics (I'm now on 6 pills a day, only one is a real neuroleptic, at 1mg, from 20 pills 6 months ago), I didn't even need coffee or tea, or drinking or smoking or dip! Well, then I fucked up, and started getting paranoid, so was given real strong pills. That eventually made me try to kill myself again - I landed on my head, and can't move my legs since then. But I feel much better now than ever before, eventhough I'm bedridden. Since my libido is null, my dick no longer controls me. It made me chaotic before, which was probably a chakra instability though...

My problem, is that things like psychedelics (I've tried saffron once, that's it, won't tell how) stay in my body/mind too long, so it's real risky to take. The 1mg I have now is Risperdal. I need it, or I daze off into another world. I did get into the hospital some months ago, and there they put me off all meds. The only thing which really happened - except I couldn't sleep (the histamines have ruined that), is when I closed my eyes, I got these short dream sequences, like 10 seconds, then it went on to another one. Didn't seem to make much sense, and the next day, they turned nasty.

Anyway, I do am in a real boring bland grey beige world, but it's almost always been like that, even when I was a kid. I was a choleric for over a year, so whatever imagination I was born it, it was quickly dealth with.

What I meant to say was, the nanochip healed me. I didn't get anxiety anymore, but I still got uneasiness, and did start getting anxiety in my back, it "pulled" itself together, and i got less tall. So the best thing, at least for me, seems to be to cleanse me of the nanochip.


As for histamines, I have an overabundance of them in my body. Right now I take an antihistamine at above recommended levels, I get it 3 times per day at 25mg each, and they recommend max 50mg a day. But I looked up some ailment for curing histamines from the body, so am looking into that. Lergigan it's called, it also has some side effects, but right now I need it, or i can't rest. If I do ever try to rest without them, my eyes flicker, and i just can't relax, and my anxiety rises quickly.

This is related to the ayurvedic principle of the 3 tempers - vata, pitta, and kapha. This corresponds to 3 chakras, throat chakra - blue, heart chakra - green, and root chakra - red.


I presume it's because I ate so much ketchup and maybe chocolate too, that my histamine levels are so high. Most of the time, I am calm and/or happy (i can make anyone laugh and feel at ease with themselves, and have, since 2 years back, forgiven everyone and everything), even when I have anxiety I am, I don't go around screaming at people, like my first girlfriend did when she got it...

Anyway, I have given some thought into getting a special sort of massage, to get my legs back. A friend recommended me zone-therapy, then also kung fu therapy, or even going all the way to Thailand for a special treatment. I do have tried Kung Fu therapy some by myself, and it works, and real quickly. Before I tried acupressure, but you need to do it 30 mins 3 times a day for weeks to see results, with Kung Fu, you only hit the part of your body that hurts lightly, for a few minutes, and it removes any ache.


Oh, got lost. That links seems to be for me, I've got some mold problems, reading it right now.

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