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Hempseed oil: a 1 week trial

First impression: I open the bottle and smell it, and the scent I get is "lead". But I guess I'm oversensitive to that, could be some other metal. I find peppermint tea, unless you grow it yourself, smells like this too.

Later on, when I've inundated my arms with it, it smells like freshly cut grass. Delightful, although my nose complained some, but I got used to it after a few days. It's a dark yellow-green thick substance, which the skin soaks up quickly.

As for sleep, I think at the second day, I had 3 dreams, only usually have 1. The problem was, I was both tired and bored, but though seemed to randomly fall asleep anyway, even before dinner.

As the days went on, the tiredness got worse. 2 days ago, I was tired at 13:00, 1 day ago, at 11:00, and today, at 9 in the morning, just after I took my morning pills. (The culprit there is probably an anti-histamine, Lergigan). Then I tried to fight it, sort of, just wanted to look up histamines and how to heal them from my body. Maybe looked around for an hour, and... then I got anxiety. This was at 15:00 or so, I hadn't done much before that, not slept, not even listened to music.

A few short notice on the heart, nothing major. I just seem sensitive to refined oils, no matter how little I take.

I felt like eating junkfood for a few days. Then i realized, it's not working. I'm not satiating any "need". The more I take, the more I want, all the time. Thanks hemp.

Then I got some weird thoughts in my head, bad joke ideas. Again, hemp.

Then the major thing. I don't think its been a week, only 5 days? But in the evening today, I got "otherworldly" paranoid. No fun at all, not an emotion I'm used to. How would I explain it? As if, you just got teleported to a huge spaceship, and everyone you used to know acts weird. And those normal sounds don't sound so normal anymore.

When I browsed some on Reddit before buying anything, I noticed people only mentioned 1) Good effects, or 2) No effects at all. No-one mentioned... side-effects. So how many do we have?

1) Tiredness
2) Boredom
3) Paranoia
4) Munchies
5) Fuckedupness

That's a lot.

The good parts?

1) Painkilling - Seemed to work pretty well, but not perfectly. Sometimes, it would ache for a min or two then go away. I did massage the oil on my arms 2 times on the second day, since some pain came back.

2) Removing anxiety - Which, as you noticed, stopped working. I have "acute anxiety", that is, I don't have it all the time, but when I do have it, it doesn't go away until late at night, or when I fall asleep. I also read, this is the sort of anxiety that cannabinoids can help with. Another note is the first day I took it, I got anxiety later on, and rested an hour, and the anxiety was gone. Then I got up again, and in 1 hour, got anxiety, did the same rest, then could be up 30 mins, then rested, then it came full blown actually quite quickly, until I fell asleep.

3) And something I noticed later at night today, increased tactile sensitivity. No one wants to sleep with me anymore, so it's of no use to me. But I have this spot which itches or hurts to and fro, and now the itching was just unbearable, for awhile. I think i notice this tactile sense increased after only a day or two in other ways.

Now, I don't know which cannabinoid made what effect happen. I am oversensitive to a lot of things, and I also take a neuroleptic - Risperdal, at the lowest dose - 1 milligram, once a day. Anti-psychotics make psychedelic things stop working, and you get much more side-effects, so there's that...

So there we have it. My final verdict would be: it's not "better than morphine".

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Publicerad 2024-05-20 23:00

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