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Ganska många fel grammatiskt kan jag tänka mig. Bara någonting som jag kom på.

Through the fog

The sun was just about to go down
and somewhere there
it was something that you might not expect to see
Something scary
and something not so normal
And when i thought about it
I realized that I didn\'t really care
How\'s that possible?
Didn\'t I wanna live no more?
Or was I just in a chock?
It\'s impossible to know
what was in my head
I know it had nothing to do with
Because you are who you are.
Sometimes I think back at that day
and I still can\'t feel my feelings for all that
It\'s always gonna be a mystery
for me and for you

Övriga genrer av Cloe
Läst 482 gånger
Publicerad 2007-04-18 20:24

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