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My final sorrow

As a water-lily floats across the still water
Broken by my tears as they fall
You lie broken in the chill ivy
Your face a mask of unspoken sorrow

My heart turns to stone
As I watch my only dream
Washed away
Like ashes after a fire

Before the dirge starts
Inside my mind
Ravens call to me
Tell me of a story

The princess stood
Atop the highest peak
There she should
She thought, speak

So he could hear
Her last breath
The last she could bear
Before she gave him her wreath

So the world shook
And she fell
Before he took her hand in his
Down on the knell

So the raven has told me
Of a dream so lonely
A place to be
Until death looks comely

And so I stand
At your grave
I release your hand
And go away

And the nightingales sing as I leave your side

Fri vers av Spokplumpen
Läst 197 gånger
Publicerad 2007-06-24 13:50

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