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Ännu en engelsk översättning av en av mina texter. (ursäktar för ev.stavfel)

A morning with you

Reflexes through dark curtains
the morninglight struggles
wants to live
for the approaching day

Remaining warmth
sneaks out
under flowing fabrics
The moist holds on
mist escaping the night

Caressed lines
wakes up
in hidden places
from a sleeping dream
to an awake one

A look, whose days
never has been counted for
but that maybe
will be rememberd

Weakening intimasy beside
get caught
beneath feathereasy fingerlines
Vertigokindred caressings holds prisoners
with the promise
to return

Easing lips lingers
but with the words floating lightly
over the skin

Painful goodbyes owns the moment
but never the future

The dawn breaks and the night goes again
to rest

But non so us.

Fri vers av TigersLori
Läst 399 gånger
Publicerad 2011-01-09 16:40

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