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Interspecial communication

Easier said then done
In a matrix of time and space
Intertwined live television
In deep colour saturation
And our bliss can't be improved
A window for the soul
A stillnes extension
Our only liberation
Is meditation
So we wont have to risk it all
One of us in a fractal world
Let's your voice be heard
If you're afraid to see
Let the thunder do it's torn
In the sky through your bones
Open up and let it begin
Come alive in your dreams
And the mind will be their to see
Feel the rythm as you breathe
Tonight she is healing us
We're in river's of gold
Make belief's come true
Never in a solid state
It's happening
Sound out of silence
Light out of darkness
She's gonna take it all
Moondust or fate
Come take us away
Earthquakes and cloud's
Sunlight come reach down
Within a mindful awareness
And the truth is what seem's to be

Fri vers (Fri form) av Starchilled child
Läst 150 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2015-11-16 16:42

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  Lars Hedlin VIP
In this moment there is only one!

  Larz Gustafsson VIP
Sanningen är illegal.
Inte offentligt, men i slutna rum.
Skriv inget negativt om AFA.
Skriv bara negativt om Israel.
Smutskasta Putin.
Ljug om Kampuchea.
Listan kan göras lång, men där har du en del av agendan.
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Starchilled child