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If we let opportunities slip out of our hands then we might aswell stop living


The hair of a godess, it recieves sunlight and it reflects
Eyes that will turn anyone into a pacifist
I feel that i have no chance, yet i must persist
I take my shot, maybe i make it, maybe not
Everytime we speak, I start sweating, it gets hot
i can't find a single thought
the words come out all wrinkled and distraught
I'm multilingual yet i cannot speak
She is smiling, look at her dimples
oh how sweet,
when she is not around i feel incomplete
The love i have for her is bittersweet
I walk on solid ground, I walk on solid feet
Now is my chance, i must say something
If i don't say it now the defeat will be crushing
my heart is thumping
My blood is rushing
My heart is skipping
My lungs are screaming

Me - "Hi, My name is ******"
Goddess - "Hi, I was wondering when you were gonna come and talk to me"

As she says those words, I start blushing
And so does she.

Thus a love story begins.

Fri vers (Fri form) av VC
Läst 82 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2018-09-21 01:29

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