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Hjärnspöken, sömnstörningar, sjukskrivning, skeva intressen och tristess värker fram mardrömmar i ett sömnabult tillstånd..


Haunted dreams of evilness. My mind is being raped by obsessions. Please sedate me. Kill , kill , kill yourself and obey satan. I was nearby when Jesus was crucified and I was laughing. Then He infiltrated my thoughts and destroyed me. Bleeding out and screaming I got an orgasm just before I died. Fuck the teenage witches and then let them burn in hell. Human kind is a waste. Death to all the corrupted motherfuckers in my mind. The voices in my head tell me to end your life and then eat your heart. Becoming a slave is my destiny, participating in human slaughter is fucking hilarious. Stabbing myself in the eyes with a burning iron rod. What the fuck is going on? Kill me, rape me, sedate me. Everything is boring now, I want to become normal but I don't know how!

Övriga genrer av David Gunnarsson VIP
Läst 122 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2019-02-25 05:27

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David Gunnarsson
David Gunnarsson VIP