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Don't be afraid of the poets expressed words. It's not a love letter directed specifically to you. It's not a love letter at all. The poet is simply telling the world about beautiful peoples vibes. And one of those beautiful people is you. Be glad that you are an inspiration to those poems I'm writing down. Passionate people are rare. Those good vibes you have, that I have picked up, they are rare. You are my inspiration to writing down beautiful words in my poems. You put music to my expressed words.

That doesn't automatically mean a love letter specifically to you. Or a love letter at all. But your passionate aura has inspired me to express loving words and expressing lust and desire. You are special. Your vibes feel good. I'm attracted to your vibes. Who wouldn't. So, don't get lost in believing you now have a "lunatic" after you. Because you haven't. I like your vibes, and you are a huge inspiration to my love poems. That's an honor. Take those words to your heart. Wrap them in "soulpaper" and store them deep within you.

And if you ever feel down or sad, or unloved, then unwrap my words and let my poems uplift you, strenghten you strong again. You are good. Your soul is magic. Your mental vibes of passion touch my sences. You are a poem. And I honor your vibes through my words.

Övriga genrer av Valkyria-Fatale VIP
Läst 65 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-03-31 17:10

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Valkyria-Fatale VIP