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The world has verbal dyslexia


I have ONE name, but the world has verbal dyslexia.

- Where are you going? Outside. I'm going out and getting laid. I'll take the bullet for you. Perfect spotless people. I'm cutting your flower broom. I am sober and I am released without wine. I am a modern woman, born in the wrong century. I am repeating words that has been said in every century.

WHEN will the free woman be accepted in this normative society, without being diminished, oppressed and offended because of her feminine passion and desire. Where should all different people go?

I'm reading your forbidden thoughts. What you deny in public. You want to, but do not dare. You are frightened by the finger of norm, poking at your true self. Do not release the power, for your name will be disgraced indefinitely.

- Redeem me! Let me step over the threshold. Give me Paradise. I sincerely long for my freedom. To be a complete woman and feel the tender hand of freedom caress my body. Never let the shame of sex and sexual pleasure silence you. Sex is not shame. Do not suppress sexuality. It will just pop up somewhere else and create chaos.

I can die now! I've finally lived! I'm banned from the world. - You escape from real life.

WHAT exactly is real life? Cast in a mold? A manual that everyone follows? The book of life with the Jante law on each page?

Do you dare to be yourself - right down to the fingertips? - Powder your nose Lady. It is glossy with malice. I am tired of the hypocrisy. It's Easter, and I'm hungry for "minced lamb".

I know what you're suffering from. Fear of touch. A dear child has many names: Wh*re, Sl*t, B*tch, Tr*sh. Excommunicated by the masses.You all suffer from verbal dyslexia.

My name is Valkyria-Fatale, a warrior. And here I am: I have opened the "Pearl Gate", so that you can enter. Through pleasure I have saved myself, and become free. I am one of those who bear the shame of all unfree women. I am one of those who paves the way for female freedom. As true as the nails you have attached to my body. It doesn't hurt anymore. One day you too will be free.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Valkyria-Fatale
Läst 175 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2022-04-11 22:29

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