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My new beginning


Welcome, my new beginning. It's now time for me to leave the past behind me, and close the doors for bad enviroments and for those who has done me bad and made me fell in tears or feel anxiety. A new song is awaiting its lyrics, and new music needs new dance moves. This is my "Let's dance", though not like in a competition with anyone. I never compete. I just dance freely, and then good things just happen to me.

"Have you heard the news today, I'm leaving town, I'm cashing out. This town's to small for me to stay. The time is now, I'm heading out". (M.Fiona)

It's time to leave everything behind. This long-awaited Friday is coming soon, and then I am ready. Everything will be alright. For over 40 years I have lived in the same place. I have never felt "at home" here. However, it is with feelings of sadness in my heart that I will leave a few friends and acquaintances behind me, as well as former close colleagues, but it is time for me to look ahead and start all over again. And I'm just a phone call away, or a train ticket away.

There is always sollutions. But I will forever appreciate and remember all good things people have done for me. You kind people with good hearts. I throw the rest of you in the dump. It's time for me to leave this place.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Valkyria-Fatale
Läst 166 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2022-04-11 22:21

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