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Love story

2016-10-19 The ink is the blood of the soul in syllables: The soul must speak its language to someone special, and therefore I have to stop other impressions that can jeopardize the writing process of the characters. The syllables are deep within me, and words will find their way to the line in front of me through my hand. With their sparkling magic, these emotionally charged letters would land softly against the receiving white leaf with the ink from the pen, which is the blood of the alphabet. I will drip out my soul and let the chamber of life experience, the interior of the soul, speak its wording with sensual and erotically wrapped signs.

A love story is to be illustrated to my viewer, where the eyes benevolently of desire absorb the feelings that are portrayed from me. My characters will then continue their journey into the viewer's interior, filling the receiver with sensual warmth from the centers of my heart, which, like in a spiral formation, floats into the bloodstream and puts the viewer into sensual intoxication that increases breathing and moisturizes the lip. Enthusiastic eyes will not, and do not want to stop reading what I passionately and urgently convey to my beloved, in the relationship that forever wants to be you.

Fri vers av Valkyria-Fatale
Läst 149 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2022-04-11 19:24

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