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haha oh

dropped my ice cream on the cash and it stuck together
20's and 50's and 100's getting all sticky with eachother in the bag
maybe i'll have some of it, these letters fucking condom-less
multiplying, chaining round bodies, roping necks
poeple pouring concrete over feet jumping, hoping
for shallow seas, haha, oh

i'm one of them

ass glued to the seat
you're a hotel lobby
just a face waiting for a room
should wear signs
announcing that I TOO HAVE LIVED

this cock was once used as a toothbrush
and other weird shit
she had a smile that could kill
blessed with perfect white teeth
even before the colgate on my dick

you playful devils
you were explorers
now you're just some
capitalist's bitch

and i'm
so one of them


and maybe you should sabotage from within

dear, your walls are like the fur of an elk
it's soft but still rough if you rub the wrong way
and you love to, you do it so well
it's like an addiction
nipples poking holes in eyes
fucking in some girl's sauna, just trying
to acclimatize
trying to to right when you'll still burn in hell
for what you've done, just makes you
a fucking time waster

maybe start doing drugs again
pretending to expand
new horizons, flat earth society
pushing out the time you spend with yourself
I TOO HAVE LIVED, i yelled
as i slung myself into space
checking into the room and
intending to stay there

Fri vers av Love Död VIP
Läst 84 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2020-08-06 23:05

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Love Död
Love Död VIP