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To L. Never stop moving those hips.

She remains the music of my Heart II

Baby: jump into my flow

And listen to my soul, whenever you feel low

Can you hear the roar of my sea? To be, is to be free!


There's no time for gloom

Bend me like a magic spoon and let’s get a room

Single bed will do, as long as you're on top. Are you hungry?

Let me feed you with my seed, at full speed and blow me ahead

Just like you lit the starlight inside of my head


Yeah, I took some casualties, but now I’m back. Scratch my back, like you used to

Love is a wondrous adventure - traveling it, is a joint venture

You’ve got to have a feel for its curves and texture

Remember the night of your birthday? We remained awake until darkness took a break

Nothing was fake. I’ll not succumb to envy, or hate. Yes, you are my fate!


Some fools wear a crown, others long to dress in brown

Who needs clowns, when life is rife with clones, with an axe or two to grind?

I don’t mind. It’s you I want to find beneath the rubble

When the bubble bursts and Wall Street goes blind


Hurry, my dear - before the moon turns red!

And if the goddess of revenge asks about you, I'll answer:

"On the western front still nothing new - the eastern wind is asleep"

Can you hear the roar of my flow? Can you feel the touch of  my soul?


The past may not come undone tomorrow, it's true. But don't get blue. This song is about You

Look beyond the horizon and count to three. You'll find me next to an orange tree

To be, is to be free!

Fri vers (Fri form) av Rafael X
Läst 59 gånger
Publicerad 2020-09-02 16:41

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Rafael X
Rafael X