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I’m crying

I'm crying for all I lost in life
I'm crying for all mother Earth has lost
I'm crying with mother Earth when
I see all what we've done to her
my heart is shedding tears

Who are those people stealing
and destroying wherever they go
Who are we to let them do this
without saying no this is enough
my heart is shedding tears

I'm crying for all people that have lost
the most precious and valuable in their life
I'm crying for all the people that are fighting
for their lives starving bleeding
my heart is shedding tears

The heart of those people with power
how does it look is it a dark spot
filled with fears and greed
are they fighting instead of crying
are their hearts shedding tears

Our mother Earth a precious gift
our lives a wonderful gift from
a creator we cannot see but know
that still exist whatever we believe
my heart is shedding tears

When will our eyes see what is in front of us
when will we hear what is whispered to us
when will we feel the love and compassion
that were told will come to us when we start believing
our hearts are shedding tears

Fri vers av Anita Maria
Läst 31 gånger
Publicerad 2022-12-11 09:55

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Anita Maria
Anita Maria