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When the existence of us disappears.

How beautifully awful, wasteful and insane has our journey been?
Tell me, has our happiness with each other countered out the pain we put us through?

I know that you dislike when I talk about the pain of us, but you can’t tell me we were ever easy.

The times I heard that inhale, and the following “okey” while on the phone.
The times I felt your body taking distance from mine.
The times you put out your cigarette and check how much I had left.

All those times have been pure pain, shaking my bones because all those times remind me that we have no ground to stay on. That we always will come to and end.

We are as fluid as the wine we share.
As movable as the steps that depart us.
As figurative as a legend everyone heard about but never seen.

Only We know that we exist and when we don’t share the air between us,
when your eyes don’t look at mine.
The existence of us disappears.

Fri vers (Spoken word/Slam) av Naomi Sand
Läst 47 gånger
Publicerad 2023-01-29 19:56

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Naomi Sand