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One hit
On yo lip
From da flick
of my finger tip
got your whole body SPLIT

then there many ways too have fun with It
on that Necro Shit
Your guardian angel saw and got a Fit.
Fill the pappers and work he quit.
Mobile phone splited in two flush down toilet.
then took the keys and dip!
"Sorry cuz RIP.
I did not sign up for that SHIT"

Me and da goons.
Like to do stuff that is Haram.
Hook up with a nice Madam.
tell her i want you like Uncle Sam.
Open her legs like a clam.
Roll joints together that is Tamam.
Smoke like a mfer from Amsterdam.
Alltso fire the Blam blam blam
And i have smoked more mfers
then a reaper man
in Vietnam.
And i dont give a Damn.
Ice cold on that Temazepam.
Im devilish like a pentagram.
And i sacrifce you like a lamb.
Blood flow thick like jam.
now punk Scram
Before you notice Death is lifes final exam.

Yeah you heard what i said.
Carefull where you tread.
Cuz its a fine line/thread
when i see red
I even bust a Cop head
Cant reverse stuff
If i choose too snuff
How you gonna end up Not dead?

Bunden vers (Rim) av SgtChrille
Läst 60 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-05 10:12

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