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racism / bullying

-I am listening to Americanah and its about nigerian people. It is very foreign to me.
-I am reading the 1619 project and learning far too much that I should've already known.

"the 1619 project"

well i looked that up on wikipedia, and read some links. i dont get why you should indulge in such things, it most be horrible accounts. theres been horrible things happening all across the world. in india they have "rape centres", huge buildings with 1 meter ceilings. thats just not something i want to know. itd just make me mad at racists. anyway, i do get a lot of jew hate on bitchute so its about the same i guess... anyway, did somewhat read barrack obamas first book, could recommend it, dunno if youve read it or like him. its about a lot of racism, i eventually had to put it down because it just made me so pissed... why not read some books about how scientists treat animals? thats torture and beyond, like the nazi scientists, but, to, well, animals.

I'm reading it for book club. I'm learning a lot, and am glad I'm reading it. I heard Michelle Obamas book was good; but I don't remember hearing about Barracks. I don't care so much about animals as test subjects. They're terribly mistreated in the food industry too.

you dont care? well. you could read, uh, a history of prostitution? or something like that? would hit closer to home than slavery?!

the slavery thing does hit pretty close to home. The reality of america today is inexorably connected to our nations roots in slavery. The reality of the demographic makeup of the state I live in - it was illegal for blacks to live here until recent history, and even after that, they were chased out of town at night into the 1970s. I have 2 black people in my life that I cross paths with regularly. That is because of our history of slavery, and ongoing racism. This book, 1619 Project, is illuminating the mythology I was taught in grade school and that is still pervasive today in our nations celebrated heros and holidays. It is relevant for me to understand a different perspective. I have been raised with great privilege and in a segregated environment. It is home, and I am seeing what is outside of it.

oh, sounds wise. i didnt know it was that bad. when nazis had their thing in germany, the whole world followed suit. the racism was real bad in sweden, anything that reminded of blackness was shunned (we hade a licorice candy simply called "nigger"). my dad was called a "white negro" since he had big lips and a flat nose. he said some things while drunk, like "look, theres a negro walking there, and its no ordinary negro, its a white negro!". anyway, what ive learned from bitchute is that its all the jews fault. 75% of all slave plantages were owned by jews, and 75% of all porn sites are owned by jews. but of course the whites helped. then in the 70s, when black people stopped being called "negro", jew film producers made shaft and those other movies, "blaxploition", which the blacks adopted, so instead of saying negro, they now said "nigga", thus the stupidity of a lot of hiphop music (i dont listen much anymore and never have, but sometimes in the sloppy rapping, the only word that is intelligble is "nigga"). i actually made a big essay about that, was welcomed in the immortal technique group on facebook. lesse...


anyway, theres more here:


ive been writing these essays for years now. should collect into a book i guess...

anyway, jews pass off as whites, since theyre beige (not pink like us, btw, beige people get green tatus, i get blue ones :) so what a lot is attributed to a nameless "white" man is really a jew. 70 million americans identify as "german", so that could be a lot of ashkenazi.

anyway, i saw a vid some year ago,


on the khazarian mafia. they own basically everything. they own the backbone of the internet even, so if they want to shut you off, they will.

anyway, its not either left or right that rules the world or make anything bad happen, its the centre. they are the ones who makes left and right ("create" them) fight amongst themselves. you know whats going on in palestine, right? and its a lot of more kills, one guy did some research and said isreal has killed 2 million palestinians. and all jews can say (i happen to follow one on facebook) is "i hope they release the hostages". and palestinians have killed like 75000 isrealis or less (cant remember now), but like i say, all the murders are by jews.

oh, the reason new york has a lot of blacks, is that black women from jamaica, were hired as homemaids in the 70s. how immortal technique ended up there, anyway... anyway, keep on the lookout for more vaccines. really tracey, dont take em =*( <3 they are now developing vaccines against "cancer", theres against uteral cancer, which ive mentioned. dont fuck french ticklers... anyway, when they have a vaccine against all cancers theyll trick us into getting it, or force it with their many ways. the vaccine against polio in africa CREATED polio, theres really nasty google image results on it. they did a similar thing in india, against unknowing girls. and hey, new yorkers, blacks, were amongst those who refused the vaccine the most, mainly because blacks know what whites (jews) do to them, so they didnt fall for it.

like i said, latemba or however it was spelled, was native americans that didnt want to be slaves. talk to some latino about it? native americans were slaves too, right? everyones a christian in latin america, they take the religion more serious than christians on other places.

anyway, my maternal grandma was spanish / sierra leone. i dont know if its directly that, but i presume so. since dad had a flat nose and big lips... she died at 88, when i was like 7 or even younger (then she was in her 60s) i remember just 1 time going over to my grandparents home. she wheezed (had smoked + more, stopped when she was pregnant, she had 4 kids) so i didnt understand her. thats the only memory i have of her. anyway i asked my mom if she was in hospital for a long time. "no" she said. she was quite fat, and used flowery dresses. which would make me 1/2/2=12.5% black.

anyway, i read some reviews of that new book you added. weird indeed. that hispanic is just an incomegroup they wanted slices of. cant say its like that in sweden. and "arabs" are not that from the middle east, they are all sorts of folks, even christians. ive met azerbadjiani people even, theyre their own sorts. they even have their own restaurant here (in tullinge, where i used to live).

"I have been raised with great privilege and in a segregated environment"

well i dunno about prilivege. was bullied mostly by swedes for 8 years. there were 2 latinos in my class, thanks to olof palme letting revolutionaries from chili to sweden. except that, it was all white. then they burned down the alby school, and alby kids mixed with us. look up mapei, she was in our class. and they bullied me as well too. and having red hair, have you never been bullied / degraded because of that? people love saying "toppen" around me, one says it real degradingly. i called her "fatty" and then she seems to have stopped, hopefully.

as for what is home to me? i dunno. i like people from everywhere, no matter what. they can treat me badly a bunch of times, but eventually i see their light, or make them laugh. theres a jamaican dude at fountain house, like 1.9 meters. he got the royal treatment there. we have none who have shawls there.

i dont remember even race(ial diversion) being taught in school. they talked a lot about egypt and greece though, that everything we have is from there, which is quite a lie. and they didnt say that egypt was african at the same time.

ive mentioned it before, but theres really only 2 human races. rh+ and rh-. they cant (have problems with) interbreed. its on the blood type. one has rhesus monkey genes, one doesnt. true proud africans dont think they descended from monkeys.

Egypt - yes, it has been treated as separate from Africa. I read about that in one of my books too.

Bullying is something separate from privilege. Sure, I got teased or whatever for my red hair too. And racism is about more than just how an individual feels about other people. Its a broader, cultural, systemic, institutional thing - at least in the US.

Thats interesting about the history of hispanics coming into sweden, thanks. I looked up Mapei.

the bullying i got was systemic. dunno if youve heard, but it was as if the whole stockholm underground "knew" about me and wanted to "teach" me lessons. you said once your brothers hit you, doesnt sound like white privilige alright.

in fountain house it continued. ive never thought much about it until later, i was my happy self anyway (and then bella found me, so it was worth it). but i was laughed at and demeaned by everyone. so it was cultural. since i didnt take drugs / drink / smoke. did i mention? they put liquid amphetamine ("fultjack" as we say in sweden, bad dope) into the coffee there. everyone was on "the same level", the same junkie level. they could say the most inane retarded things in the morning meeting, and everyone swooned.

i dont remember the channel, but immortal technique was featured on it so i listened some more. or it was joe rogan, dont remember... but a black guy, oh right, it was timcast, a black guy who was a senator or something, dont know the correct term, said his father had to work hard so his kids could have a good childhood. it was never easy for him or his mom or siblings. but he never brought "race" into it when he discussed. havent listened to that podcast in long...

"just as much as racism bleeds america, we have to understand that classism is the real issue" - immortal technique 'the povetry of philosophy

It's complex. There IS racism, and there IS classism, and sometimes they overlap and look the same, but not always.

well then its classism haha. people see me as right-wing (rightwingers in sweden are rich and well-wersed in arts and culture). xhyljeta wrote this poem like "she was from the ghetto, he was rightwing" and then i was like "OMG IS THAT ABOUT ME??????!!?!??!?!" and she was like "dude, now you made me delete it!"

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