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when someone speaks how do you know whether or not its true?

i am a taurus
i think with my throat
not my heart or gut
they dont say anything...

as bitchute has taught me
everything ive learned
could be a lie

there could also be
2 truths to one

thus anyway i have
a "truth" sense

i see beyond the
black and the white
to grains

you can usually spot it
in their eyes or
their demeanor
or tone of voice

i take a little bit from

i respect every religion
all people from across the world
(sweden has had lots of
immigrants for a long time)
teach me something about life.

i dont turn bitter
no drugs and alcohol or cigs
so even if youve mistreated me
i still see the light in you
think you can teach me something new

Övriga genrer (Kåseri) av Live2Dream VIP
Läst 44 gånger
Publicerad 2024-04-10 16:56

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