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Ode till sött Vin *skratt* Skriven lyssnandes till Sabra cadabra av metallica och Delusion av Falconer samt med ett glas sött i ena handen medans jag skrev med den andra :D

sweet sweet wine

Nectar with deep amber colour rests in my glass, like a fossile waiting to be discovered.

Swirling the glass the fluid grab ahold of it and refuse to let go, after a few seconds slowly small tears run down the wall.

It tempts me with its heavenly aromas of delicious honey, dried apricot and almond sweet almonds. How can i refuse too give in?

I take the glass to my lips and let the sweet nectar slowly enter my mouth, as kissing a loved one my senses rush, arousement and relaxation overwhelms my entire being.

Sweet raisins and honey in a dance of love, dried fruits in the crowd cheering and joining in the dance of pleasure, tickling my senses.

slowly my sweet nectar fades, dissapears,
wish i had bought more bottles....

Fri vers av Patrik Lind
Läst 435 gånger
Publicerad 2006-10-14 11:19

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Patrik Lind