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How much could you give?

I never asked for a life in eternity, nor did I want a place of high stature.
I simply pleaded for a second chance to prove I really cared.
I couldn’t believe it when you turned around and crossed your arms.
I couldn’t fathom the coldness in your eyes.

Was the crime I committed so awfully cruel, so breathtakingly wicked
That I didn’t even deserve a fair judgment? The right to defend my actions?
I watched you walk away, my hand reaching in a vain attempt to pull you back.
I wanted to ask you how badly I had hurt you but you ignored me.

At that moment something closed in my heart, as if a wide open door had shut.
I decided never to question the actions of others, never to care what they thought
Although I knew it would be a bleak existence, a lonely way of life, I didn’t care.
It takes so little to break a heart but it would’ve taken even less to mend it again.

I only asked for understanding. Was it too much for you to give?

Övriga genrer av Calendula
Läst 324 gånger
Publicerad 2006-10-16 21:27

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Oj då, det blir bara bättre och bättre :) Tänkte du på nåt speciellt när du skrev den här?
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