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En liten text jag skrev ihop i ett av mina filosofiska ögonblick mitt i natten för 3 år sedan.

The road to immortality

You are born, you grow up and you die. Right? Isn’t that what we all know from the very first breath? The sometimes fast and sometimes utterly long road to our death begins in our mother’s womb. A road we all have to wander on. It is the first instinctive knowledge all children are given. But what if we don’t die? What if the road suddenly turns, leads you on a detour? What if you lose your final goal and find yourself on a road without an end? What then? Would you try and turn back, search to find the known road once more or would you walk the new one, for as long as it takes you, and revel in the unknown?

Curiosity is a vital part of every living organism. It’s what makes them go on, test the limits and discover new places to go and new ways to be. But self-preservation is just as strong. What happens if you’re put before the choice between you curiosity and your need to stay safe? Which primal instinct is the strongest when it comes to certain situations? Your life isn’t threatened neither do you know if there will be any harm on the road forward, so it sounds like an easy choice. Curiosity will win. But then again, since you don’t know what will happen, since everything is dark and undiscovered before your feet, isn’t it better to stay safe? To step backwards into the light of what you already know? Self-preservation wins.

It’s a hard choice that alters between humans. Some go with curiosity, just because they feel the discovery is more important than security while others thing the direct opposite. I wouldn’t know which choice to make until I stand there at the fork in the road, wondering what’s before me. Will you know?

Övriga genrer av Calendula
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Publicerad 2008-03-09 00:26

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