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Bara en liten grej jag skrev ihop i min förvirrade värld.

through your eyes

What do you see through those eyes of yours?
What kind of human am I?
Will all I've done and all I've said simply entertain you for a while?
Will all of this be just a memory?
Something to look back at with a nostalgic smile?

I'm surreptitiously enthralled by the intensity of your gaze.
Held in trance, unable to look away.
Even as my mind is wide-open, stripped naked to your eyes
I'm always trying not to show what's most important.
The largest existence in my life, without which my world dies.

If you see and turn away,
If those silly thoughts of mine is only useless
when seen through your eyes,
My mind would break beyond repair, I would be helpless.

My world is created over and over by a single gaze.
And at the same time, over and over, thrown into ruins.
All the things I strived to build set helplessly ablaze,
when seen through your eyes.

Övriga genrer av Calendula
Läst 285 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2009-04-07 00:48

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