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En liten text om saker man glömmer att säga.

To my sister

We are sisters, you and I. Of the same flesh and blood.
And yet we’re different, fundamentally so.

When you like this. I like that.
And if you look that way I’ll look the other way.
If you do that I’ll definitely do this.
If you say this, I’ll retort with that.

We argue. Our words sharp as razors.
Because we know each other too well.
And we cry in frustration.
Because we don’t know each other well enough.

We laugh together, sharing something funny.
Because we know each other so well.
And we share our thoughts.
Because we don’t know each other well enough.

And in the midst of it all I forget to say the most important words.
They’re such simple, and yet so important, things.
And so easily forgotten in the thick of it.

I’m sorry!
Sorry for saying thoughtless things.
Sorry for doing stupid things.
Sorry for being forgetful.
For hurting you.

Thank you!
Thank you for arguing with me.
Thank you for caring so much.
Thank you for laughing with me.
For being different from me.

You are to me what no one else will ever be.
My most beloved, wonderful big sister.

I don't know why I'm writing this, really. I guess I simply want to say:

I love you

Fri vers av Calendula
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Publicerad 2010-09-04 05:03

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