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En liten samling ord (jag tvekar att kalla det en dikt) om förbittrade känslor.


I won’t be there the times you fall; I’ll never turn to you.
My ears are deaf no matter how loud you shout.
I couldn’t care less whatever happened to you,
What goes around comes around, you’ll see.

I won’t be there to hold you during those late and lonely nights,
I won’t whisper sweet little nothings into your greedy ears.
That train has passed and you didn’t get on.
Didn’t anyone tell you it was a once in a lifetime chance?

Regrets won’t do any good, nor will apologies, no matter how sweetly phrased.
My heart isn’t big enough to be used like this; it’s merely human after all.
Now close your eyes, lower your hands and feel the hope die.
You and I are finished; it just took a while for the message to get through.

It takes so little for love to change, it’s suddenly so easy to just walk away.
Everything I thought eternal, only took a moment for me to leave behind.
Why bother with loving when it’s easier to hate?

Övriga genrer av Calendula
Läst 337 gånger
Publicerad 2008-03-09 00:22

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