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I sit awake, watching you sleep.
Your eyes are restlessly roaming.
Is it peaceful, in your dreamland keep?

What kind of dreams are your vision chasing?
Am I cast in a role?
What trials are your dream self facing?

I speak to you, faded words in the night.
Does my voice even reach you?
Over there in your dreamland flight?

The night is softly enveloping,
The you that’s sound asleep.
Without me by your side, how are you coping?

Far away in the dreamland sphere,
Can you feel me close to you?
Am I standing next to you, am I even near?

You’re frowning now. Your fingers move.
Is it some sort of nightmare,
A lurking horror in the dreamland grove?

What darkened forests haunt your mind?
What uneven paths are your feet walking?
What uneasy scene has the Sandman designed?

I hope that you will wake up soon.
‘Cuz I feel quite alone.
To loneliness, no one is ever immune.

Fri vers av Calendula
Läst 240 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2010-08-30 18:52

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