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A rather complicated text. You need to have lived there I think.

Battlebridge Boudica

It’s darktime on a friday

and blackice streets 

are trecherous in neon tones.


Blueflash banshees

wail through the streets

and the shadows congeal.


Battlebridge Boudica

slumtalking streetwalking

let the battle commence.


The battle between light and dark

blue light dark angels

empty pockets spawn a million possibilities.


The starving wolf

kept in a cage

is a dangerous animal to feed.


The crusaders, the man

with his cages already full to bursting

but the best man rarely wins.


Under the shadows of King’s Cross

the wolf and the dog

chase each others tails endlessly.

Fri vers av Lucius
Läst 521 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2007-10-04 02:18

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