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Några roande citat tagna från mina egenhändigt skrivna fantasy-berättelser. Första gången på 3 år som jag läser igenom dem...

Citat från mina berättelser

“It’s really not so hard to become a hero, all you need is the right equipment, the right situation and a hell of a luck. No, the really difficult part is to preserve your halo while you sit in a tavern drinking booze and pinching the serving-wenches in their behinds. It’s a simple matter of discretion and the right timing”

Today, tomorrow, what does it matter?
I haven’t yet the power got.
I really hope it’s not the latter.
I hate living in this stinking cot!

How shall I live my life?
How shall I meet my end?
Will everything be marked in strife?
Is there really another tobacco blend?\"

\"She’s not gotten nasty over the years, she was born nasty.”

\"I am adamant in my assurance to you all that I have never been, nor will ever be, romantically interested in men of any kind at any period in my life. And I don\'t mix red and white... because I don\'t like pink”

“I’ve seen the sun set millions of times, and I’ve seen the moon rise even more often, but still I keep wondering why they do so. I mean, to rise and set every single day is a lot of strain on ones muscles, right? So why bother with excessive exercise? Don’t they know that exercise is harmful for the health?”

“The centre of belief lies well within the scope of reality; and yet it stands independent outside the range of reason. Such is the nature of what we call the unknown.”

Övriga genrer av Calendula
Läst 295 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2008-03-09 00:20

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