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Jag tror lethal är det finaste ordet jag vet

The Lethal Dance

Her feet move in accordance to the lethal dance,
One foot touching the air, tempting to enhance-
The air wraps her in a blanket of darker things,
Arms stretch out and form invisible wings.

She doesn’t wish to fly, she’s anxious to fall,
Her scream is of relief, it’s no distress-call.
Her thoughts entwine with their nightmares.
Now she’s the only one who isn’t scared.

At this height, in a moment of imperfection,
She can take a step in the wrong direction,
And still end up exactly where she wishes-
A fall that wounds, but oblivion custom the stiches

And she arise, wipe away the dust and then-
She clears her throat and climbs the stairs to play again.
The world below pace fast, they barely notice
The girl who’s laughing at her own abyss,

She’s balancing atop the office building,
She taunts and screams and oh she sings,
Crazy they say she’s completely insane.
But as life is running through her veins,

She’s maintaining the dance with death

Fri vers av Flicka Nummer Elva
Läst 344 gånger och applåderad av 6 personer
Publicerad 2014-02-26 23:11

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Wow! Vilket språk, vilken dikt. Sanslöst bra, du borde skriva mer på engelska!!!
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Flicka Nummer Elva
Flicka Nummer Elva