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Ironi Modern Random shit

Alltid någon/något att skylla på

I talked to the mirror today, he diden't answer me. I tried to figure out who's that handsome fella, I dident recognize him, no not for a little bit. Or wait a minute, isent that my shirt? and those shoes look just like mine...
I guess he has a good taste, who ever he might be.

After awhile in akward silence I started to laugh, I'm so funny when I talk to myself, in these kinda mysteries ways. Well i guess the sad truth is that I'm to lonly to even talk to somebody else.

Truth hurts some say, I say truth hurt like shit... Maan... when you finally realize you're sexy as damn... You're to old to date young hotties... some say fate... I say that's the stupiest I ever heard... those who say those words are just trying to blame it on something/somebody.

Just like when you're loosing for the fifth time in a row against your older sibbling and these words slip out of your mouth ~I'm sooo unlucky all the time~ buuuhuuu... just so you know, it aint the luck who made you loose... it was your extremly bad skillz who made you loose...

But anyway... I guess it makes us feel better to blame everything... on something... or Someone... just as long we had nothing to do with it.

Just like... When your brother is teasing you for some random shit, I dont know what... But anyway, you're as guillty as him if you teased him back... ~ He started to tease me mom!~ (Blame it on the brother... Atleast you have someone to blame, that's lucky. Not everyone has that opportunity)

Nah, this is getting way to boring, bye neeerdz! (I'm kinda nerdy to...)

Fri vers (Fri form) av SmileOrCry
Läst 151 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2015-03-24 01:20

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