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Teenage love

I saw you again.
But as then wasn\'t i sane.
All my attention was upon your face.
In all your grace.
I can\'t remember what you wear.
We that short moment shared.
Everything else my mind left.
Why are we both so shy?
Have your imagination out dry.
Or perhaps mine.
We\'re standing on a thin line.
I have for you fall.
I hope you know that I’m not some kind of a doll.
I can fell.
And also cards deal.
Do i have to take the first step?
Over this deep dep.
Can our love for fill.
Or die in the mill.
Hope it never dry.
But i keep asking me why

Fri vers av emepuma
Läst 402 gånger
Publicerad 2006-05-27 12:30

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  Natalie VIP
"We're standing on a thin line"

vackert :)
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