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Översättning av "Leva i ljus".

Living in the light


In the center of darkness there's always a core of light.
You just have to stand firm, and not lose ground.
To burst through the illusion of not belong or being loved.
And then raise your wings over the ashes.

I imagine that pain and alienation is the fertile soil
that gives life to evil.
That than the illusion of being unworthy and abandoned gets to strong
it's easy to search for strength in the darkness.
But darkness twists and withers.
Pain grows to malice and sadism
when a life in the light gets forgotten.

How do you choose goodness, when you no longer can see it
or remember how it feels?

I imagine that evil also dwells in the little things. In the insidious
and less obvious. Between the borderlines.
That we bind our self to darkness everytime we search for flaws
in others.
That everytime we dwells on a injustice without the will to forgive
our discernment gets tainted.
That bad rumors is the precursors of evil
that spreading the seeding of darkness under false pretenses.

How do you avoid to make evil deeds
when you are unaware of your own darkness?

I imagine that there are many ways to quench the light in someones eyes
and plenty of ways to die.
But when we see the good in each other, the light grows in our hearts
and we find a way to live in our bodys, for another day.

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Läst 89 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2019-05-13 17:04

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