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Love is standing on a hill and taking a leap.
Not knowing if you will fall or fly.

Love is choosing to trust.
Knowing the other person can leave any second.

Love is your laughter being the other persons favorite sound.

Love is being their muse-
and their comfort place.

Love is their pain being your worst feeling.

Love is choosing to share the best-
and worst moments of your life with someone

Love is looking into their eyes,
and seeing your future reflected back

Love is your success being their success.

Love is driving home late at night, hands intertwined, fighting sleep while listening to sad songs.

Love is waking up early in a rush, giving quick coffee kisses before running out.

Love is forgetting something and the other person already knowing this, ready with the very thing you forgot to bring.

Love is bickering over little things but always compromising on the bigger ones.

Love is knowing which buttons to push for the biggest reaction and which body parts to kiss for the most bliss.

Love is doing something you hate to make the other person happy.

Love is whipping away tears and healing bleeding wounds with kisses.

Love is you willing to put yourself in danger for the other person but them never putting you in that position.

Love is being embraced in a hug when you come home with tears in your eyes before you even take your shoes off.

Love is celebrating the happy moments and giving support and comfort in the sad ones.

Love is telling them to take you home whereever that is as long as its with them.

Love is letting someone go for their own happiness but never turning your back on them.

Love is that person never becoming a stranger no matter how much time passes after you leave.

Love is being able to look that person in the eyes if you see them in the street and smile.

Love is looking back at a memory of them fondly even though it brings you piercing pain.

Love is unselfish and forgiving.

Love is no words left unsaid and no feelings untouched.

Bunden vers av Nicki
Läst 24 gånger
Publicerad 2020-10-13 20:47

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