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last winter blurr

Ink world
shiny silver
its all a blur
all last winter

vodka neat
heaven glitters
dark clouds
i was down when it hit her

spinning rooms
but you knew that
cut ur lips on my zipper
what a picture

full of religion
so many dreams
that could be holy fiction


naked eyes
blue skys
friction of time
could you stay here tonight?


when instinct shivers
press pause
take a breath don't fall in the dark


paper filled
lungs are filled
I exhale
and they call for the water scoopers

what u mean
how am i a loser
if my life was a maiden song
i'd be the trooper

that the eyes
where mine
and you where done

hit me up
on my phone
if i'm not already gone

Fri vers av kalles
Läst 104 gånger
Publicerad 2021-09-02 16:24

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