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Hade musik i bakgrunden nyss, denna är skriven direkt i mobilen nu och bilden redigerad nu

a close-up

“Please, watch my next episode”
A close-up
Maybe you’ll let me get the case, darling
oh and I’ll be the one who knows
When that smile of yours, is a white lie
a white lie, and when your soul
is speaking the truth, the truth

Oh, let me get on it, the case, darling
Love, let me figure you out
Let me get a close-up
A close-up baby, a intimate view of us
Oh, maybe my heart will get the case
To investigate your heart

Let me interview your body language ...
and everything your love is about to say
Before anyone else gets the chance
“Please take notes”
oh a close-up, baby

Like the first time
I heard your voice on the phone
Oh, what was I thinking,
Sing with that tone again ...  
Like the first time you saw my face
Oh, what were you thinking?
Paint me a picture,
Give me a frame
Back then, the first time ...
We kissed, the first time we made love
... on our first date
How did you feel?

A close-up,
Let me interview your body language ...
massage your mind
when everything’s getting out of hand
Take care of you, give me this case, oh please
Let me investigate
Our love story, ask you the right questions,
face to “fate”
Tell me things, you normally
don’t reveal, oh a close-up, baby

Fri vers av Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Läst 51 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2022-01-19 16:02

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