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Skriven bland anteckningar 18 juni eller innan (den om vår första kyss och natt)

Vår första kyss, var tre


Our first kiss
Wasn't a thirstday
at the beach
Like it could've been
in fact no "ice cream" like you
said, a hamburger instead
I know we don't drink that way
and in the club with friends
we became more than friends
so never let go of my hand
even when we are shaking


Maybe our choreography
is written in the stars
Afrobeat and r&b
and the dj is our preach
Our choreography

is glitter, shattering
in our eyeshadows
and colors on the dancefloor
and when the dj jokes
it's actually not even four
a clock, not even four a clock, baby

So feel the rythm
Hold on to my body
So the lights not even running out
No matter how dark it's
I wanna dance with you
wanna dance with you
like their is no tomorrow

Our first kiss
Was actually three
So honey whatever you wanna do
Count me in
and suddenly it hits me
She felt my fingertips
before I even spoke
about the consequences
or flowers in bloom
with fire she let me in
her life, and I can see
how we burn in the
mist of circumstances


We can get around to it
We can bounce to it
We can face it
like our first kiss
became official
that night dancing
next to each other


So no rush, no rush
only sugar rush,
Redbull, remember baby
You were riding shotgun
Had your hand on my knee
and that free speech in my tummy
were screaming
Her rythm is liberty,
is putting all the rumours to sleep


your hips, my hands
You arms, my fingertips
Your lips, my lips
our choregraphy is this

Fri vers av Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Läst 35 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2022-08-01 10:33

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Hon kallar sig poet VIP