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Sweet love

Sweet love close your eyes and listen. You will hear something wonderful. Feel the gentle rain on your rosy cheeks and the caressing wind that kisses your lips. It's me, I'm with you all the time you see. Can you hear me? Can you feel me? You are so pure, so true. All the secrets I ever searched I found in you. My love, you are like the river that flows down the mountain high. You are like the sunset that reflecting it's beauty on a glassy surface on the sea. No one can ever give more love to me. You are like the shifting of the seasons. Like glimmering snowflakes in winter and the smellfull flowers in spring. Like the heat in summer and the coulorful leaves in autumn. Just like the midnightsky constellations with shooting stars and nothern lights, you are a masterpiece of art. Like the sweetnes taste of strawberries plunged in choclate, like delicate sunmellow raspberries. The grandeur view of a valley in verdue and perfectly harmony with the nature. For all that means you are so mutch more than that. Our souls are as one and we blowing away with the wind in a stardusty universe. Cause I'm forever yours, in eternity.

Fri vers (Fri form) av Kaffedivan
Läst 101 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2022-09-28 01:58

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