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I am completely finished with my social experiments many moons ago. Sharing living now and then throughout the years with scum of the lowest imaginable order really takes a big bite out of the nerves. The handpicked study material is of no real interest. Still, I had to do it. Knowing fully well how “The Worldwide Anti-Western Society” is governed and controlled with a retarded and filthy consensus that so many follow as a temporary law... That “society”, or rather the current anti-society, is of course spread over all continents of this world with the same result; degeneration. Nobody can be more sad and upset with this tragic comedy of brainwash, rape and murder occurring around us than me. I am really looking forward to the coming of the New Age, or New Time, as I prefer to call it.

It would be to simplify matters greatly just to say, as some of us do privately, that the world now mainly is infected by “nerds and whores”. That is to be read out as “not really masculine” and “not really feminine”, not really human. (Actually, I consider it slightly insulting to all the nice nerds and the forced into prostitution by our foes; that still are being on a much higher level than what I am witnessing here and there among the lowest as “modern”. Sic.) We have to look at the reasons for this, the controlling behind the scenes of this perverted and enormously retarded state of this world today. It is always The War of all Wars.
The unaware of realities live trapped in this illusion of the current “normality”. It is more warped and set under control by higher, or in actuality lower beings, than it “normally” gets credited for. Even the majority understands, up to a certain point, that society really IS controlled. But, rarely see the obvious in that they who are currently in control of most aspects in society are to blame, meanwhile pointing their filthy fingers in others direction, just like they are told to do... Most people don’t even understand what the reason for their behaviour and thoughts are…

On the low-life level there is much to be said. Retarded scum is seen as the normality to copy. All high values are twisted and the Gods are said to be of the past and of no interest if there is fake religions around and other mind control to consume; junk like pop-culture and other insane and meaningless hobbies for the feeble. You have heard all of this before. Add on the highest level to this and you might wake up.
It not only bores me to tears to witness this ongoing human degeneration that naturally, as always, is naming itself progression and freedom of will and shaping the exact opposite joke. This society is a complete tragedy; dragged in filth and chained down to die. There is no “free will” for these fooled and naive “living” in their worthless scum “life” without any real Knowledge and Honour to go around. We witness a world being raped in front of our eyes. The attacks with brainwash aimed at women to pervert humanity as a whole and make everything into a sub-human state, through the support of controlled politics and their puppets in their media, is especially haunting. Not to mention the additional, directly forced rape of mind and body by “spirits” and “helpers”, all in the name of that old hat normality, and free will…

It is all just about making some money? Not at all. It had all to do with pre-preparing another giant mass murder, just in time before the Gods bring our New Time to rise again.

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av 1 SIGFRIDSSON VIP
Läst 57 gånger
Publicerad 2023-12-06 05:04

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