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Before the end

Why is it that love is so damn hard to catch, so damn hard to feel and so damn hard to keep,

In my experience that almost runs for 30 years now and still going, I have loved very few times and without thinking to low of myself I have not been loved nearly as much as I dreamed of every night.

Oh the millions of fantasied romances I’ve had while listening to love ballads, while I’ve read every lovey-dovey novels there is and while I’ve watched the hundreds of romcoms to make me feel what I’ve not felt.

I’m a BIG dreamer and been told I have a giant heart, every time I open up to someone I get shot down mildly speaking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt love in my heart but after every heartbreak I realise that every time I never felt loved.

I’ve begin to wonder if love is just an illusion, just something we talk about, you know fairytales we hear from baby-age to adults all the way till I’m six feet under.

Will I know love in the next lifetime, will I know it in my future beginnings, of another try on this thing called life. Wonder if love will find me… before the end.

Skapa | Skriva av Dennis Karlsson
Läst 33 gånger
Publicerad 2024-01-07 11:53

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Dennis Karlsson