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My friend

Cloudless sky

I see you, as clear as the moon on a cloudless winternight, I could count the stars twice before I could explain what you mean to me.

you are to me the definition of true, of true genuine beauty, I don’t just mean your appearance but every little detail that builds you inside and out.

With you beside me and in my heart we are perfection, if perfection was to exist in this crazy world that is.

We may differ, but I don’t mind, we can therefore always fill all hours with conversation.

We laugh, we cry , we have a one in a lifetime connection.

To grab a beer or two with a slice in between.

May we always trust each other with secrets and fears and perhaps face them together.

My friend I salute you.

Skapa | Skriva av Dennis Karlsson
Läst 39 gånger
Publicerad 2024-01-31 12:29

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Dennis Karlsson