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stay by my side...forever kap 3

Life went on, as it always had done, just that now I was happy. Every second night she went out to feed, and then she returned back to me. I still feared that she one night wouldn’t come back, but she always did, and I always was so relieved to see her. At day she was asleep, but at night we went out and enjoyed this towns all enjoyments. We went out dancing at several discos, went to the towns all best pubs, but one night she took my hand and blindfolded me. I was surprised, and asked where we were going, but she just laughed, and dragged me away. As we walked I tried to find out where we were. I heard that we passed the crowd that always were assembled at the inn, we went down the street that lead pass the fire station, and then I went lost. There were far too much noise, I had never heard a place here sound like that. I felt her tighten her grip around my hands.
“Don’t let go of my hand,” she whispered, “whatever you do, don’t let go of my hand!”
“I won’t” I whispered back “but where are we?”
She didn’t answer that question, and I didn’t ask again.
Suddenly she stopped, her grip tightened even more.
“So, Daisea… “A foreign voice said, it was a woman’s voice, deep and beautiful. “…You are back then, I knew you wouldn’t be gone for so long! You never are, you just can not let go of anything.”
So that was her real name, I always had wanted to know that, even though we had lived together for years she had never told me her name, and I didn’t bother.
“Good night, Madame Sirla” she said, coldly. “I see you are still as lovely as you were when I left 200 years ago!”
I could here the anger in her voice, and wondered who this woman was, and how old Daisea really was. I knew that she was old, but that 200 years was a short time in her life was actually a bit frightening.
“And who is this lovely piece of food you are bringing here with you?”
I felt a cold breath against my neck, and felt nearly unbearable horror, the woman was a vampire, and saw me only as food. Had Daisea known this when we went here, or was it just a coincidence?
“He is NOT food, he is a friend of mine, and I can promise you Madame Sirla, and the others of you, that if you hurt him, you will experience more pain in just a short time, then you have felt in your entire pitiful lives.” I had never heard her speak that angrily, and I wouldn’t want to change places with them, any of them. She had said that there were more of them here, which meant that they were several vampires against one vampire, and one human. We would have no chance if the would choose to attacked us.
“Ooh…I see, we won’t bother you, that would be suicide” a voice said, calmly.
“Thanks Dio!” Daisea said. “Come on, lets go” she then said to me. And we wandered away, further along the street.
She stopped again, and I feared more vampires, but instead I heard a door open, and was lead through the door. When the door closed again I heard a voice, but this voice was friendly.
“Good night Daisea, long time no see, happy it isn’t longer! I see you have brought a guest with you love! Don’t you think he would like to get rid of that blindfold you’ve put on him?”
Daisea laughed, and took of the blindfold.
I saw a young man, maybe around 20. And I saw Daisea run directly into his arms, looking happier than I had ever seen her, and I felt a bang of jealousy. Instead of looking at them I started looking around me, the room in witch we stood were big and beautiful. The walls were white, the floor was black, probably black marble, and the roof seemed to be miles away. The room was warmed up to a perfect temperature, there were huge chandeliers, and in a corner there was a big fireplace. Then I saw the huge table, filled with food, strange dishes that I didn’t even knew the name of, and definitely hadn’t tasted. Then I felt an arm at my shoulder.
“She really loves you, you know. She has written about you all the time, about her fear that she will hurt you, about how happy you make her. You should be lucky!” the young man said, and I realized that he probably wasn’t young at all.
“I am happy, very happy!”
“good.” He said, smiling. “Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Lloyd, Daiseas brother. Not biological, but we have the same creator. And you must be Doyle! ”
“Yes, I’m Doyle! I didn’t know she had a brother”
“Well, she tried to break the contact with the rest of us 200 years ago, haven’t had any contact until se met you.” He looked a bit sad, then the doors swung open, and lots of people came inside. And Lloyd had to go and take care of his guests.
I felt an arm around my waste and a kiss in my neck.
“Now you’re going to meet my family, I’ll do my best to make you survive the night!” she said, laughing.
When she saw my horrified look, she smiled.
“I didn’t mean survive literally, I just meant that they can be a bit…um…overwhelming!”
I smiled, if she wanted me too met her family that she hadn’t had any contact with for the last 200 years she HAD to be serious about me. The next moment we were flooded by people who all wanted to talk to Daisea, and she was swept away from me.

Prosa (Novell) av angel of tears
Läst 318 gånger
Publicerad 2007-01-20 14:16

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den var supeer! :)

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angel of tears
angel of tears