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Sorry for everything

I have laugh at you
But now I cry for tou
I thougt you understood the joke
but now I know your heart was broke
You could have say me some word
before you leave me and the world
But now your gone and I\'m regretted to doing you sad
I\'ve never belived it was that bad
I\'m wake every night and cry for you
That\'s everything I can do
And in every word I have say
You didn\'t know it was just a play
Sorry for everything
Now when you sit in heaven and look down
I hope you se, in my friends eyes I was a clown
And the meaning of every mean thing
Was that I wanted to be the king
If I\'ve just seen
How fool I\'ve been
Sorry for everything

Fri vers av habibi_xx_love
Läst 271 gånger
Publicerad 2007-05-28 19:02

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