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That windy release

That windy release of a juxtaposition
made her jump right into revulsion
and the shades of heaven closed
all stores
left a blackened, wrung neck
in shame

Narrow minds are no longer praiseworthy
madonnas remains un-named
strong nooses are being mass-produced
for us to hang in
to relate

Grip the sun instead of adjusting it, my friend
throw up your bourgeois lifestyle and seek
sunset's wrapped around your fists
let that goo in your eye
spring a leak

Soft swell of a downer is taking us down
and we want to scream "It's a colossus in The dream!"

I'm a lion on a riot with dopamine in my heart
I've failed conjure up a fog
let us burn the shades of all those
grungie yesterdays
a quest set out from a blindspot
feel ashamed and relate to that
leak in your dream
in your heart

Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 703 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2008-03-21 14:28

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Johan Lazer