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Yellow rind

Tears fill my eyes anew, poor in hometown in love my spirit in shredding. So many months apart yet I still spread your kind words all over my heart, my unfree happy body can do nothing. It's a phoenix thing you do when you burn yo'self down hoping to rise and start anew. Love is the new drug and I don't want to quit, no longer lay in the ashes and purr in pain. Your yellow rind is my woe. Do you go through what I go through? You do not give up you keep pushing, we walk out of it step by step, until the day we fall again. And when you fall you shall burn. Anxious and unbearable this is, when a cerberus guards the entrance to realm of yellow mandalas. But I'll never, never leave, your warmth, kindness, our closeness 'cause I'll think I always adore you. We are as most alone when we're not pursuing our dreams. My dream was to scan the world and find my girl.

Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 393 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2012-06-08 10:43

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  mikael ejdemyr VIP
I love the honest tone of this prose poem. The subject is so essential and so surprisingly unusual.
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Johan Lazer