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Beer driven riven pack of guys with drone minds
we where in the summer riding bikes
like cans in a case asunder and alike
Imperatives figured out as sedatives or
lack thereof

Then we came down and had a comedown
son is gone but mother has a man
carefree 'cause we're unhappy

Now those dog days are done and not all of
us are here, when we rode through
gridded suburbs, lush myriads of row houses
picturesque lawns and routes
to other parts of town

Before walls of inner voices worn thin
are closing in
animation is finding out so wish us luck
soothe my pain don't wake me up

A mysterial sun would set over broken homes
with petty crime-ridden yards
ice tea sipping grandmas
and bird bones

Fri vers av Johan Lazer
Läst 742 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2009-09-02 22:43

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  mikael ejdemyr VIP
Sliten? Men utan att göra bruk av en enda sliten fras. Tycker om dina ordlekar som we came down and had a comedown och det betydelsefulla allvaret i raderna därefter. Tycker om ditt samspel mellan metaforik och musik i walls of inner voices worn. Tycker om din upplevelse av solen,a mysterial sun. Och det avgnagda som ligger kvar i gräset och hör till ämnet.
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Johan Lazer